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14/14 - Sophie Lavaud has completed her challenge to climb the 14 highest peaks in the world

And 14 of them! With strength, patience and perseverance over 11 years, Sophie Lavaud has succeeded in her challenge. We'd like to congratulate her on this achievement.

Sophie Lavaud (en haut à g.) au sommet du Nanga Parbat, avec Kristin Halira (à g.) et Viridiana Alvarez (à d.)
Sophie Lavaud at the Nanga Parbat summit with Kristin Halira and Viridiana Alvarez.

On 26 June 2023, at the age of 55, Sophie Lavaud became the first Swiss woman to have climbed fourteen mountains over 8,000 metres (she also holds French and Canadian nationality).

Liste des sommets de plus de 8'000m. Sophie Lavaud
List of peaks over 8,000m. In red are those scheduled for early 2023. All of which have now been climbed.
She's a legend! 🏅

Introduced to mountain climbing late in life, she has now joined the very select circle of climbers who have scaled the 14 peaks over 8,000m high on our planet.

Throughout all her expeditions, Sophie has demonstrated an unfailing strength of character! It took her 11 years to realise her dream, her resilience having enabled her to postpone the ascent of certain summits deemed too dangerous.

Sophie succeeded in this challenge without injury, frostbite or rescue operations.

The entire Sept Finance team is extremely proud to have been able to support Sophie Lavaud in her quest for extreme altitude.

Our inspirational Lady 8,000x14 has proudly carried the colours of Sept Finance to the highest peaks in the world. We are delighted to have followed her journey so closely, and congratulate her again and again ...

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